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Review: Editors Keys Vocal Booth Pro

Producers around the globe want to know how to get better recording out of their home studio setup. Our customers have asked how to get better vocal quality from home and studio projects. Sure you could spend thousands of dollars on building a sound proof booth, but not everyone has the budget nor the extra space to build one. We came across Editors Keys Portable Vocal booth and will test this out to see if it could be the solution to the problem. 

The portable booth comes in 2 flavors. A stand-alone unit which comes shipped with just the portable booth or the Professional version which comes with an adjustable tripod microphone stand. 

We are going to be reviewing the Editors Keys Vocal Booth Professional. 

What you get w/ the Professional version: 
- Vocal Screen 
- Adjustable tripod microphone stand 
- 2 rods for single microphone recording and a second rod which allows for stereo recording. 

Vocal Booth Components
Vocal Screen:
The screen is portable and can open and close from a hinge that runs down the middle of the screen. The screen has different “clicks” as you open the booth. The farther out you open the booth, the more applications can be recorded.  The foam is heavy duty which is attached to an aluminum backing. The backing is stylish with punch holes.

Microphone Stand:
A tripod bottom and fully adjustable in height with a safety rod that locks the stand in place based on the height of choosing. The microphone stand is made of heavy duty metal. Very nice.

Rods: (2)
ROD 1 is screwed onto the microphone stand at the bottom of the vocal booth. This ROD ultimately holds your microphone with either a shockmount or a simple microphone clasp screwed on top of the rod. A second ROD can be attached onto this ROD in a horizontal fashion to provide stereo recording for 2 microphones.  The rods are heavy duty and made of steel. 


Audio Samples:
Vocals w/out Booth
Vocals w/ Booth
Manjeera (Cymbals) w/out Booth
Manjeera (Cymbals) w/ Booth

Conclusion:  5/5 stars.
Right off the bat, you can tell that the vocal booth gets rid of room reverbration, echoes and noise. Audibly there is a major difference with the recordings without the vocal booth. The recordings with the vocal booth have drive, punch and sound full. Why? Because the recordings WITHOUT the vocal booth lack foam which than allows sound to travel and bounce around. The minute that happens, the audio recording sounds anemic and noisy. For optimum recording, you must have your room acoustically treated. For home studios and studios, this vocal booth does what it is supposed to do: get rid of reverbs, flutters, and echoes. 

Build quality: 5/5 stars - although we wish the aluminium was traded in for metal, it does not take away from the actual recording.  

Application: 5/5 stars - Open the booth as wide as you want. Record vocals, record in stereo, maybe some hand cymbals, snaps, claps, tumbi, tabla. This vocal booth is flexible. 

Sound: 5/5 Stars
A vocal booth is supposed to prevent audio reflection and provide dry and clean audio recording. This vocal booth as heard from our test recordings, knocks out natural room reverbs and echoes. It gave us a clean recording with low noise and vocals that did not need eq. 

Cons: Did not come with a manual but you can grab it on-line at their web-site.

Testing Chain:
Editors Keys Portable Vocal Booth > Rode NT-1A > Mixer > Audio Interface > Logic

Tip: Place foam on a wall behind the vocal booth. The vocal booth does a great job trapping sound in front and sides, however you need to trap sound from behind the vocal booth. 

Where to Buy: http://bit.ly/9bsLT2

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